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40V Half-Bridge HVIC


The DIO5105 is a single Phase 40V MOSFET gate drivers optimized to drive the gates of both high-side and low-side power MOSFETs in a synchronous buck converter. The high-side and low-side driver is capable of driving a 3000pF load with a 20ns rise time  and a 15ns fall time.


With a wide operating voltage range, high or low side MOSFET gate drive voltage can be optimized for the best efficiency. Internal adaptive non-overlap circuitry further reduces switching losses by preventing simultaneous conduction of both MOSFETs.


The floating top driver design can accommodate BST voltages as high as 40V, with transient voltages as high as 60V. Both gate outputs can be driven low by applying a low logic level to the Output Disable (EN) pin. An Under voltage Lockout function ensures that both driver outputs are low when the supply voltage is low, and a Thermal Shutdown function provides the IC with over temperature protection.


l  All-In-One Synchronous Buck Driver

l  Bootstrapped High-Side Drive

l  Programmable Dead-Time

l  One PWM Signal Generates Both Drives

l  Anti-cross Conduction Protection Circuitry

l  EN for Disabling the Driver Outputs Meets            CPU VR Requirement when Used with Patented Flex Mode Controller

l  These are Pb-Free Devices


l  Multiphase Desktop CPU Supplies

l  Single-Supply Synchronous Buck Converters

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