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Dioo at 20th LED Lighting Driver Tech Seminar  Time:8682次  Date:2016-08-09

DIOO was present at 20th LED Lighting Driver Tech Seminar with its latest commercial LED lighting solutions


AbstractOn July 29, DIOO microcircuits was present at 20th (Xiamen) LED Lighting Driver Tech Seminar and showed up its latest commercial LED lighting solutions, featuring the Ultra Low THD(low than 5% @ full input voltage range).


On July 29, the 20th LED lighting (Xiamen) driver technology seminar held in Westin hotel, Xiamen, Fujian. DIOO microcircuits had showed its latest Ultra low THD commercial lighting solutions in it. There have AiSHi group, Dialog, Bright Power Semiconductor, Silan, FLUKE, SI SEMI, Four-Faith and so on well-known enterprises technical experts delivered a speech. All of them discussed about the directions of Commercial lighting and Smart lighting markets. The exhibition has provided a very fit platform to promote communication and cooperation between enterprises.


In order to adapt to the challenges of lighting markets, DIOO brought the latest high performance LED commercial lighting solutions with Ultra low THD (low than 5% @ full input voltage range). LED lighting always has the problem about THD that form a great pollution to power network, and also add power losses, lower the quality of power grid, then cause threaten to power grid. Facing the increasingly serious solution, countries and regions in the world are improving of enhancing the barriers of entry to the LED lighting market.


DIOO actually has possessed ahead of the industry's high performance products:  THD<5% with PF>0.95 (@ full input voltage range). The participating manufacturers were surprised of its high performance. DIOO has always been committed to innovative design and the key to breakthrough product concept. In addition, DIOO also brought a series of high PF, Flicker-less LED commercial lighting solutions that can meet the market demand for high quality of green LED lighting.


Bill Li, FAE Manager of DIOO, told the reporter from Big-bit: “We are insisting our resolution to only develop high performance commercial lighting products and hereby our new products and solutions are winning more and more domestic market share. Predictably, we plan to release our smart lighting products in early 2017. Our solutions will cover 100 watts of all smart and traditional commercial lighting market.”

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