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DIO8232, the Best LED Driver IC of the Year

Author:Frank  Time:15823次  Date:2016-03-17

Mar.14, Shanghai, Dioo Microcircuits has received an award of “Best LED Driver IC of the Year” for its new flikerless LED lighting driver IC, DIO8232, in Tech Shanghai Summit recently hold by UBM and IEEE, which shows another success with Dioo commercial LED lighting product line. The Summit took place in the beautiful side of the Suzhou River and had most of the celebrity both from the academy and industry present, including vice General Secretary of Associate of China Electronics, Semiconductor branch, Dr. Wei Shaojun.


“We have been focusing on commercial LED lighting segment for a long time and continually providing the market with high performance and low cost total solutions. “ Dioo LED lighting product line manager, Dr Zhuang, said in the spot coverage, “DIO8232 is a latest current ripple remover IC specified for flikerless lighting realization, which meets the higher requirement of EU/US market. A 40W lighting system deployed with DIO8650, a APFC/CC driver and DIO8232, a current ripple remover, especially fits for high-end panel light, with industry-leading THD(<10%) and current ripple (<3%).”

Dioo microcircuits is a world-class analog and mixed signal IC vendor, providing high performance and cost ratio total solutions to consumer, industry and medical segment. In future years, Dioo will aim at smart home market to provide more application specific products. 

DIOO Marcom Manager, Frank Zhou, (Left No.3) receive the Award

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