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DIOO introduces its new 40V LED drivers-DIO5311/DIO5321, a milestone of its product portfolio expansion to Power Management IC

Author:Frank Zhou  Time:948次  Date:2014-07-01


Frank Zhou


DIOO introduces its new 40V LED drivers-DIO5311/DIO5321, a milestone of its product portfolio expansion to Power Management IC


Shanghai, China -- September 27th, 2013, Dioo Microcircuits today released its high-voltage 40V LED drivers-DIO5311/DIO5321, featuring in its step-up DC booster architecture, high converting efficiency and excellent brightness consistency, which makes DIO5311/DIO5321 specially fit for large screen smart phone and tablet PC application. DIO5311 and DIO5321 are provided with compact packages of SOT23-6 and DFN-6. Both of the products have successfully passed strict Lab test and reliability verification, including 72-hour unintermittent H/L Temperature test.


"The release of 40V LED drivers is a milestone, witnessing Dioo has expanded its product portfolio to high voltage and high efficiency power management ICs", said by Dioo CEO, Jeff Ju, "And the drivers are definitely endowed with high performance, low cost, and high reliability, which earns positive feedbacks from our customers who have had a try ."


Features and Benefit of DIO5311/DIO5321

  • Drive up to 12 serial LEDs

  • PWM to Constant Current dimming mode

  • Integrated 40V high current switch

  • Wide VIN Input Range: 2.8V~5.5V

  • Up to 86% converter Efficiency

  • DIO5311: Low 200mV feedback voltage

  • DIO5321: Low 300mV feedback voltage

  • LED open-circuit (OVP) protection

  •                    @43V(DIO5311)

  •                    @44V(DIO5321)

  • High switching frequency@1MHz

  • Integrated Soft start

  • < 1 µA shutdown current

  • DIO5311: Compact SOT23-6, DFN-6 Package

  • DIO5321: Compact SOT23-6 Package

  • RoHS and Green compliant

  • -40 to +85 C˚ Temperature range


For Samples and Demon Board, Please refer to:



         Call: 021-62116882


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Dioo Microcircuits is a fables semiconductor design and manufacturing company. The company specializes in high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductor solutions, serving the consumer electronics, medical and industrial markets. Dioo's leading edge products include USB interface products, ultra-low power and low noise amplifiers, high efficiency power management IC, LED lighting IC, and various application specific analog audio/video products. With our solid system knowledge and rich mixed-signal design expertise, Dioo's commitment is to deliver innovative analog and mixed-signal solutions that add value to our end customer designs.

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