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DIOO released its new DC/DC products, including DIO6011:1A, DIO6012:2A and DIO6013:3A

Author:Frank Zhou  Time:3837次  Date:2013-09-22


Frank Zhou


DIOO announces its new DC/DC products in production, including DIO6011:1A, DIO6012:2A and DIO6013:3A

Shanghai, China-- September 27th, 2013, Dioo Microcircuits today released its power management IC "Appetizer",:DIO6011, DIO6012 and DIO6013 (DIO601X for abbr. below). These three DC/DC ICs are high efficiency,high frequency synchronous step-down DC-DC regulators, which can deliver up to 1A/ 2A/3A output current respectively. DIO601X integrates DIOO patent circuit to achieve comprehensive soft start for variable fault case, like over temperature recovery, short circuit recovery and under voltage lockout recovery. DIO601X can assure excellent system stability and perfect responsiveness without any external compensative components. DIO601X integrates low Ron switches to guarantee high heavy load efficiency, as well as high light load efficiency in burst mode. DIO601X predominantly has a 6500V HBM ESD, extraordinarily exceeding 2000V industry average, which makes it fitting for hot plug application. DIO601X provides compact packages especially suitable for TV/STB/PC/APR.

"After long time digging into power management ICs development, we introduces today our first DC/DC product, DIO601X.It has been so forth a remarkable achievement we've made in our product engineering, which earns us an award, Year Best Power Management IC ", said by Dioo CEO, Jeff Ju, in an interview by EETtimes China, "DIO601X is well fit for intellectual white appliance solutions, such as Set-top Box, Smart TV and so on."


Features and Benefit of DIO6011, DIO6012 and DIO6013

  • Low RDS(ON) for internal switches (top/bottom)  

          DIO6011: 260mΩ/170mΩ, 1.0A
          DIO6012: 100mΩ/80mΩ, 2.0A
          DIO6013: 100mΩ/70mΩ, 3.0A

  • Input voltage range

          DIO6011: 2.5-5.5V
          DIO6012: 3.0-5.5V
          DIO6013: 3.0-5.5V

  • 40μA typical quiescent current

  • High light load efficiency

  • High switching frequency 1.5MHz minimizes the external components

  • Internal soft start limits the inrush current

  • 100% dropout operation

  • Green package:

          DIO6011: SOT23-5, DFN-6 is pin compatible.
          DIO6012: SOT23-6
          DIO6013: SOIC-8


For Samples and Demon Board, Please refer to:



         Call: 021-62116882

About Dioo:

Dioo Microcircuits is a fables semiconductor design and manufacturing company. The company specializes in high performance analog and mixed signal semiconductor solutions, serving the consumer electronics, medical and industrial markets. Dioo's leading edge products include USB interface products, ultra-low power and low noise amplifiers, high efficiency power management IC, LED lighting IC, and various application specific analog audio/video products. With our solid system knowledge and rich mixed-signal design expertise, Dioo's commitment is to deliver innovative analog and mixed-signal solutions that add value to our end customer designs.

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